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Analysis and suggestions on the latest status of the pharmaceutical industry

Analysis of the status quo of the pharmaceutical intermediates industry:

After the brilliance in the late 1990s, the pharmaceutical intermediate industry has basically entered a mature stage. Enterprise the competition between industries has reached a fever pitch, and each other is fighting for the last bit of strength, who can hold on to it?In the end, who is the survivor. At the same time, tempted by various legends and other factors, there are constantly New investors enter the industry with gold rush dreams. However, as the state requires pharmaceutical companies to carry out With the rise of GMP certification and various overseas certifications, the investment scale of the pharmaceutical industry has increased to make the limited funds and energy produce the greatest economic and social benefits, has become every The goal pursued by pharmaceutical intermediate investors.At present, the production of new drugs on the market is limited, which makes it more difficult to develop new products in the pharmaceutical intermediate industry. The competition of traditional products has become more and more fierce, and the profits of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry have declined rapidly.

The country’s recommendations for related industries are:

1. Change the production concept. It is not necessary for each production enterprise to be large and comprehensive. It should allocate funds and energy to it.Focus on the industry and field that you are good at, and other supporting materials and conditions can be written by the society become. By forming a product chain, both parties can achieve a win-win situation.

2. The shopping mall is like a battlefield. Under the current situation, there is no capital of 10 million yuan in the pharmaceutical intermediate industry.There is no chance of survival.

3. The industry has strict technical requirements for products and is in continuous development, so it requires the production of medical products.

Enterprises of pharmaceutical intermediates have strong technical force, and at the same time, they must meet the requirements of trial production of new products.


Post time: Mar-07-2022